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March 29, 2011
Burgin’s comments are not only cold, but frightening


EDITOR: Minister Burgin belongs to a political party which often boasts of being “progressive”, “interested in the nation’s children”, “lovers of the poor and needy…”. However, Burgin’s recent comment concerning the three teachers who are seeking re-employment after unsuccessfully contesting the 2010 elections is indicative of an un-progressive, Massa- type mentality.{{more}} After chiding the teachers for criticising the Education Revolution, the SEARCHLIGHT March 22, 2011 edition quotes the minister as saying,“I am not Service Commissions neither the Minister of Education. But, if I have my way, they stay where they are…and that’s that.”

After reading that article ( Burgin says: No rehire), I had to conclude again that Burgin does not understand what it means to love the people. He does not know what it means to utilise our human resources for the benefit of our children’s academic advancement. He does not understand that we have a nation to build despite our political differences.

He does not care to know what it means to put your country before your Party.

He does not care whether or not the supporters of NDP eat or die. Burgin’s comments are not only cold, but frightening. Burgin, your comments suggest that anyone who criticises any of your government policies should be fired/victimised or seriously pressured. When a minister of government could be so blatant in his remarks against citizens who criticise his government’s policy, that speaks volumes!

A lot of us (who are in the kitchen and feel the heat) do not agree with certain aspects of the education revolution. Does that mean we shouldn’t be teachers/educators? Even if, as you claim, these teachers criticised the Education Revolution, can’t you stop to think that Daniel, for example, is described by many of his past students as “an excellent maths’ teacher” and that he has contributed to their commendable performance at the last CAPE/Advanced exams? My goodness! No wonder the country cannot progress as it should! Human resources are wasted because of the slavish, colonial mindset and selfish, childish, vindictive behaviour of many politicians. They really do not know what it means to serve the people- ALL the people.

While I was openly expressing how disgusted I was with Burgin’s uncaring comments, someone reminded me that Burgin used to be a teacher. Then, I remembered that Burgin was once the Minister of Education also. One would think that he will be the first to show some understanding towards the teachers’ welfare. I hope the present Minister of Education, who was also a teacher, does not hold such backward ideas, or, our education institutions are really in trouble! We will be breeding children and teachers who are more concerned about defending a Party than about excellence and all-round high moral standards.

Burgin and many of you blind ULP followers, who may be sometimes ‘snakish’ and subtle in your attempts to victimise, I warn you that God is not asleep. The people’s consciences do not belong to you, so they have to always agree with you. Not even Almighty-God, who is our Creator and Provider, operates like that. The resources of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (including taxpayers money) is not your personal property either.

Sadly, as the callousness continues in our country, politicians like Burgin are in the forefront of such inhumane behaviour. Lord, help us in this country!

Ann-Marie Ballantyne