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March 25, 2011
Questions, comments for Dr. Kenneth John


Editor: I have from time to time glanced through some of Kenneth John’s “This Week” column in another newspaper. What seems to confront me is his way of giving credence to whatever the NDP does. I read him to declare that the ills committed by the NDP should be overlooked because those same and similar ills were done by the ULP/ Labour Party.{{more}}

I now make reference to an article appearing in his column of March 18th captioned “Political crisis for real.” Some questions and comments for him:

1 – Was the Ottley Hall Fiasco a political crisis? Even when the Leader of the country himself declared that he was conned and this country was plunged into millions of dollars in debt. Could Dr. John not see it fit to thank this country’s present Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves for saving us from this tsunami? Was this period also not the time when Monty Maule was the Speaker of the House? Did Dr. John recommend as Parnel Campbell did that an opposition be appointed?

2 – Was the sale of the slippery slope lands at Gibson Corner, despite the warnings, a political crisis? Where was Dr. John then? And how about the Colonial Homes in which some NDP investors lost sumptuously and were richly rewarded by the NDP Government? Was that a political crisis, Dr. John?

3 – Kenneth, could you please write in your next column about the political crisis which followed the NDP’s ascension to office when wholesale closures took place.The Mt. Bentick Sugar Factory (May I state here that this writer overheard a full-fledged qualified Economist state that if the Mitchell Government of which Arhnim was a part had increased the price of sugar by 1% (a half penny) per pound they would have made it; the Diamond Dairy Milk Factory and the stone crushers. Kenneth these crises affected the lives

of thousands of Vincentians. Shame on you, Kenneth, for not writing about these crises.

4 – So Hendrick must go for carrying out his lawful duties according to the Constitution? The downright lawlessness exhibited by “honourable” men – That is not only a political crisis but also a moral crisis, Kenneth. Write about that. Also, Colin Williams must go? Who would you suggest should replace him? You, or Kay Bacchus- Browne, Nicole Sylvester or some other lawyer who has been associated with the NDP? Has Colin’s appointment caused a political crisis? I do not know of it. I would like you to write about that.

You seem not to envelope others in the likes of Jomo Thomas “when concept is largely responsible for the current upheavals in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.” I suppose Jomo would knock you for six for this misconstrued statement. Elson Crick is “warped”. Kenneth, did you actually see Cummings “being hurled down the steps like a bag of manure?” I have never heard Mr. Crick embroiled in any adverse circumstances as Mr. Cummings is. If Mr. Cummings stoned a church, then nothing is hard for him to think about doing. You stated that you heard comments that Anesia’s neck should have been broken etc. The only way her neck could have been broken is if she falls off the totem pole on which you have placed her.

Your reference to the “current imbroglio” seems to indicate that you are saying that P.R Campbell’s, QC, extensive analysis of this law should not be taken into account. ( You have the answers.)

May I ask you this question: “Who are the two ULPs who will see the light and perhaps make for his/their manhood?” You are calling on the NDP to continue their civil disobedience. Kenneth, don’t you have enough commonsense to advise the avoidance of lawlessness and so avoid the consequences? One of which could be a political crisis. Would the ordinary citizen not be locked up for deliberately and wilfully breaking the law?

Your final paragraph is loaded with intrigue. I trust that you in your thirst for power (like Eustace) would be there to drink the water with him. However, I don’t think that is possible, because time is running out for both of you.

My conclusion is you are envious of Dr. The Honourable Ralph E. Gonsalves? I would like you to write about that. Would you kindly answer?