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March 8, 2011
Where is our love for children?


Editor: There have been many expressions of anger over the alleged molestation of boys and the sex ring by some male teachers. This situation if it is really so, is very distasteful and sickening.{{more}}

This alleged situation is a reflection of the society we are living in, in the sense that we have accepted homosexuality as a way of life. This sickening lifestyle continues to rise amongst us. While I unreservedly condemn the action, if indeed it is true, for we know that a story has three sides, I would further like to say that as a nation, we must condemn and speak out against the gay life style.

For, if as a nation we had condemned the practice of gays, then we would not have arrived at this sickening situation. It may well be that there are more teachers who are involved in such wicked acts. I am wondering if it is not only male teachers with male students, but female teachers with female students. If indeed this is so, what a shame!

This situation also brings to the forefront the need to protect and train our children. Many times, boys are given the freedom to do as they please, while we tend to be protective of our girls. Many parents have not been there for their children, even more so, boys, in many cases. I think it is time we bring back to our homes the godly morals.

The new style of boys and men wearing tight/ skin fit jeans and wearing of earrings, which society has accepted as style, has contributed to the gay lifestyle. For it makes the men look feminine, both in the tight fit jeans and the earrings. Let us not forget also the wearing of pants below their waists by men and boys is also part of the gay lifestyle.

Parents have allowed their boys to dress in this way and have even bought these types of clothing in some cases for their boys, for they see nothing wrong with that. Indeed, we are living in an age where we love to dwell on the expression: “rights and freedoms”. So, to be dressed in the aforementioned manner by males is their “rights and freedoms”, many would argue.

Sadly, but true, while we are engaging in political tribalism and war, our children are left unprotected and we are losing them. We have become so much engaged in politics that we are not aware of what is happening in our very homes. Rather than us being engaged in political battles, let us as a nation unite to stamp out the evil of gays.

It is sad and unfortunate that many who championed the rights of others politically are deadly silent on these issues. We are yet to hear them condemning this lifestyle. I wonder where is our love for children? After all, this is not about ULP or NDP children, but children of this blessed nation.

Let us get down on our knees and intercede on behalf of this nation’s children and, by extension, the entire nation and in particular our homes. Let us ask God to save our children and deal with the gays. Indeed, homosexual behaviour should never be encouraged, nor lesbianism.

Kennard King