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February 25, 2011

Some questions for Anesia


Editor: I wish to publicly present a series of questions for Anesia Baptiste. I get the impression that she thinks Vincentians are backward people and we cannot decipher between redundant political rhetoric and rational commentary. My thinking is that Vincentians are really saturated with this style of political commentary that is decidedly biased and void of rational analysis.{{more}}

Firstly, have you ever been aligned to the ULP, and did the ULP suddenly develop communistic characteristics after you left? What motivated and inspired you to gravitate towards such a ‘Wicked, Socialist/Communist Party’ in the first place?

2. Is it fair and reasonable to suggest that you are not tolerant and respectful of views contrary to yours, a trait you continually accuse the PM of?

3. Do you review your public presentations, Oral and Written, and will you conclude that what we get from you are pure emotions acting without the benefit of intellect?

4. Could you state clearly yes or no, whether the NDP got permission to use a PA system during the last protest in Kingstown? How did you manage to suggest the use of the fire truck for crowd control may be illegal? Which part of the laws of SVG did you use as your reference?

5. Is the Opposition the civilian authority for the police or is it the Government? Are you suggesting that the Police must simply leave the NDP to violate the traffic and other laws while protesting and that is what constitutes a professional police unit? Why is it so difficult for you to understand that the security detail of the PM wore red during the last election campaign to simply blend in with the crowd? Is it that your head is so tough? Isn’t that elementary, something a Senator should know?

6. Do you have a clue as to what constitutes a police state? Will you publicly compliment the police for their generous restraint during the last two NDP protests? Check the Facebook pages of your colleagues.

7. Is the ULP supposed to help the NDP get into office? Did the NDP executive discuss how the ULP would react tactically and politically to the private criminal charges? How many private criminal charges were brought over the last ten years and which lawyers were involved?

8. Were you at the NDP rally at Rabacca during the last election Campaign? What was one of the main focuses of the rally? Did you, a woman of strong Christian principles, simply turn a blind eye?

9. Why did the people, by the grace of God, not vote for a change favouring the NDP in the last Elections? Whose fault it is that your prayers were not answered on the day of the last elections? Will you agree that good reins supreme over evil?

10. Which group of people calls in on the NDP New Times radio programme? Are they not NDP supporters? What is the difference between that programme and a ULP programme? Both parties have their supporters calling in on their programmes, Anesia. Is that true? So what makes the ULP wrong and the NDP right?

The point is, Anesia, you are not the only talented person in SVG. Many of us know that during the 90s bananas were bringing in up to $100 million per year into the economy. This is one of the reasons why NDP was able to present a surplus budget. Are you aware of the problems between Anguilla and Britain over their Deficit Budget? Government revenues are down universally, Anesia. Stop acting as if Vincentians are stupid.