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February 22, 2011
Very concerned over NIS


Editor: I have contributed to both the National Provident Fund and the NIS between 1974 and 2000. I have worked with many private persons and local companies who took out contributions, but did not pay it into the NIS.{{more}}

Surprise! I did not find out until my 60th birthday, all because, at that time, NIS had a card which showed the employee’s contributions. Having spoken to the NIS officer about false or wrong contributions, no one sees it fit to investigate my complaint, and there is a law for such.

Now for the past 10 years as a pensioner/contributor, I had a raise of benefits, the highest being $7.50 bringing it to $190.95 per fortnight or $381.90 per month, just a difference of $161.90, from someone who never contributed to funds and got a raise of $25.00 from the fund. Also, while I was well and working, I took sick, I got 60% of my weekly salary. Now I am old and can’t get work ( I can still work) but government policy is that I don’t get even 30% or 25% of my past salary.

Shame on you Mr. P.M., taking the bread of the chosen one and giving it to sinners who wasted their labour. Why are those who made millions of bad investments still working on the Board of NIS? Pensioners did not know or give their permission. Those monies would stop a big hole.