Our Readers' Opinions
December 30, 2010
‘Have mercy on Vincentians!’


Editor: In a neighbouring Caribbean nation that is wealthier than ours, Barbados, citizens pay one FLAT rate for their LIME telephone service, BDS $35 monthly. Yes, Barbadians can make any number of local calls and pay that one flat price.{{more}} Their government saw to it that they got justice. Why can’t the same be done for us here in St.Vincent? Is LIME allowed to take advantage of Vincentians? Since LIME makes profits by having one flat rate in some other countries for local calls, why can’t they also profit by doing the same here in St.Vincent? Will LIME bankrupt if it does? Prime Minister and all others concerned, I call on you please to have some mercy on Vincentians. Urge LIME to have mercy on us here in these HARD economic times. Yes, change the system of sucking the blood of Vincentians. Have pity on us, Prime Minister, and let LIME have one REASONABLE flat rate for all local calls here in St.Vincent. Every citizen deserves this service. It is more than time enough now! We have been slaves for too long!

Desperately Concerned!

Editor’s note: LIME does offer residential customers in St. Vincent and the Grenadines a flat rate of EC$28.75 VAT inclusive a month for unlimited LIME to LIME land line calls. Consumers however have to sign up for the package.