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December 7, 2010
ULP has a great track record


Editor: Now that the bell has been rung to inform us of our privilege and responsibility of electing a government, it is for us to consider another aspect of bell ringing, “For Whom The Bells Toll.”{{more}}

It can boggle the minds of individuals to behold the number of trophies in the homes of successful athletes. They have received their trophies because of their achievements in their various fields. Their track records speak volumes. We have our Pamenos Ballantynes and others including my grand-daughter, who undoubtedly have their trophies on display.

Governments too and political parties during their terms in office should be able to show off their achievements. For the purpose of this article, I would prefer to use the word track record instead of trophies.

When one considers the track record of the NDP for their performance for 17 years of competing on behalf of Vincentians at home and in the Diaspora there seems to be an absence of trophies. The athletes in the NDP Team are ungarlanded. Instead of being an asset to their sponsors, they had become a liability. They definitely did not perform well at the ‘Ottley Hall ring. The spectators are still kept in the dark as to whether they were disqualified for cheating. They performed miserably in the fields of Education, Tourism, Agriculture, Health, just to name a few. They had to be taken out of the ring tired, hurt and injured beyond repair. They had to be replaced by another team.

How well is this team doing? As soon as the bell rung nine years ago to signal the start of the fight, the ULP’s star team was ready. This team, under the leadership of Dr.Ralph E. Gonsalves showed that it was prepared in every aspect and over the years has accumulated to their credit a vast amount of trophies. There were many obstacles along the path, many who stood in their path to progress, they got rid of these and after nine years came out victorious.

One trophy of the ULP’s team that is scarcely mentioned and overlooked is called the ‘ Income Tax Trophy’. The benefits derived from this should bring pleasure to several hundreds of ‘spectators’. I think the ULP team has scored well in their efforts to increase the assets and reduce the liabilities of supporters and non-supporters alike (Taxes in some cases were reduced by 50 percent and for the majority of workers the rate before payment of taxes increased from $12,000 – $18,000).

It would be folly for me to attempt to list here the myriads of other trophies they have acquired during this bout . They are all on display throughout the country. We Vincentians seem to have the tendency of not being good cheerleaders. It is obvious that there would be times when our team did not perform as we think they should, but we must weigh carefully all the circumstances involved in their humanness and take into account the many hurdles they had to cross and judge them accordingly. Are they still full of fight and energy? Have they been knocked out? Have they surpassed our expectations? Did they fight well? Have the trophies that they accumulated brought great benefits and prosperity to our nation? Is our tiny third world country one that is now seen as a strong competitor regionally and internationally?

YES , the ULP team has fought well. They have represented us well. Our country has made enormous strides. Vincentians are now very proud to be so called and wants to be identified with this team.

For whom the bells toll? When the bell tolls on December 13, it will signal the final death knell of the NDP. The Vincentian spectators would have made their comparisons and decisions. Would they replace a victorious team with one that has retired hurt, tired and worn? One that has been written-off by the people? Definitely not. Vincentians are more educated than that. We are all going to make an informed decision and cheer the ULP into another round – on to victory.