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December 7, 2010
Fed up with doom and gloom of NDP


Editor: I am very disappointed in the television adverts promoted by the NDP in their attempt to wrest the reins of leadership from the ULP! Unlike the ULP, the NDP’s adverts are highly suggestive, emotive and incoherent. Preying on the naivity of the electorate seems to be their main intent.{{more}}

Unfortunately, this Joshua-typed campaign strategy was effectively employed by The NDP in last year’s Referendum NO! Campaign. It is unfortunate that in an era of heightened intellectual advancement a mass political party chooses to resort to such a backward step. The ULP on the other hand, continues to publish qualitative and fact-based adverts that stimulate the interest of well-intentioned Vincentians.

Indeed, I am fed up with the permanent aura of doom and negativity engendered by the Eustace-led opposition. His negative painting of SVG’s portrait to the ouside world and his unstatesman-like conduct will haunt him until his dying days. In the interest of national development, was it too mature for Mr. Eustace to take the principled road and support certain progressive policies and programmes implemented by the Gonsalves-led government? Is it in SVG’s best interest for the NDP to be collecting a plethora of angry and disillusioned persons and pressure groups to strengthen their campaign machinery? Instead of their perennial state of opposing, shouldn’t the NDP have presented its alternative policy document to an enlightened Vincentian populace? For a government in awaiting, I shudder to contemplate SVG’s fortunes under their watch!

As a true patriot, it is incumbent on me to skim a decade of strides and advancements under the ULP-led government. A progressive and visionary foreign policy has ensured that SVG establishes ties with non-traditional allies like Venezuela, Iran, Turkey and Libya. Dividends of such investments are germinated in our educational thrust, agricultural diversification and infrastrucural development. From its inception, the ULP government has adopted a policy of education empowerment throughout all strata. Indeed, this policy has seen the number of primary school graduate teachers skyrocket from single digits in 2001 to over 300 nine years later! This is great foresight shown by a proactive government in an effort to improve the education product at the formative level. A more trained and educated Vincentian work force would, therefore, ensure a higher level of production.

The strides in poverty alleviation, employment and housing cry for recognition! Any objective Vincy can attest that SVG has come a LONG way in a short time-span. No doubt, the international airport is a triumph of our collective will to elevate the status of the Vincentian citizenry. Sadly, a cynical and pessimistic opposition lacks the patriotic decency to applaud such progressive development. Yet, they are on the warpath, hell-bent on becoming rulers of the country even without a coherent agenda and clearly defined policies. Their fascination and pre-occupation with negativism has condemned them to a world of poor problem-solving. I remain convinced that they are poor problem-solvers since they themselves are the PROBLEM!

Mr. Eustace, it is highly likely that you’ll soon be the next Prime Minister of SVG. However, don’t think for one moment that you’ll ever be forgiven for neglecting your national duties during your inept tenure as Opposition Leader.

Boycotting parliament on frivolous guises and pretense in an effort to maintain your support base has reduced you to a microscopic human of Vincentian nationality. Your charges’ rant and rave during negotiation for the selling of the National Commercial Bank, displayed little patriotism within your NDP leadership. Apart from being unpatriotic, these utterances spearheaded by your Lynch-mob were foolhardy to say the least. Had these investors paid attention to your outcry, the NCB would’ve collapsed and the EC$100 million emergency loan would’ve been a fruitless exercise.

How can one forget the opposition leader’s recent insinuation that the government might exaggerate the Hurricane Tomas damage estimate? Whilst his intention may have been to undermine the credibility of the Prime Minister, such selfishness was not in the best interest of SVG.

Mr. Eustace, on every count, you have put your party before your country. This is further cemented in your constant cry that the upcoming General Elections are going to be rigged. Why the paranoia? Are you so obsessed with negatives that you are harboring doubts that a youthman will beat you at the polls? Come on Mr. Eustace, I predict you’ll win by over 300 votes.

The immense strides achieved by the incumbent ULP government compared to the previous NDP’s should be factored in one’s choice of representation on Polling Day. It is my civic duty to urge the Vincentian electorate to vote with national pride and not with political cause. Put your country before your party.

Colin Cash Haywood