Our Readers' Opinions
December 3, 2010
SVG hospitality industry needs work


Editor: I had the privilege of visiting your beautiful island on November 23 while cruising the Caribbean on the M.V. Azura. We had limited time, obviously, and opted to cruise the coast to take in the beauty from the water, and this was a wonderful trip on Baleine Tours with an informative and personable Captain Wayne and his staff.{{more}}

Sadly, we were unable to visit Kingstown, but our experience at the Port shops and encountering your port security officials

on returning to the ship was discouraging. Many of the shop staff were without personality, disinterested, and the two security staff on the afternoon of 23rd were rude, expressionless, surly, and attracted our attention by clapping their hands, and in addition were downright uncommunicative. Where is the “don’t worry be happy” attitude we see on many other islands? Also, if it were not for me and the other 3,000 guests on that day, those people would probably have more mundane jobs or even perhaps no job at all.

The hospitality industry requires personality and a positive attitude to guests. The St Vincent tourist authorities have some work to do. We would love to return, though. Please make us more welcome.

Ian Hall
Durham England