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December 3, 2010
SVG Green Party: we understand money


Editor: Some people may not understand our policies, nor understand the economics of our source of funds. All I say is have faith.{{more}}

In 1996, I campaigned against the Cable & Wireless telephone monopoly, and they broke my leg. My message then was to end their monopoly of high prices and bring in mobile phones to make calls cheaper for all. People said I was crazy, said how can we talk around corners without a phone line. Now, look around, we have mobile phones everywhere. Everyone benefits.

As one man, I broke the Cable & Wireless monopoly that had existed for over 40 years. The NDP government had allowed Cable & Wireless to skin Vincentians. People couldn’t fully understand my thinking then, and some cannot now. But I was right then, and I am right now.

Have faith. I have a BSc(Hons) in Finance, an MSc in Macro Economics, Policy and Planning, and a Masters in Business Administration. I understand money. I understand finance. I understand economics.

SVG Green Party can make our country prosperous, and we can make Vincentians prosperous people.

Vote Green for a prosperous future.

Ivan O’Neal
SVG Green Party