Our Readers' Opinions
November 23, 2010
It is Time to Lift Our Standards


Editor: Every election, political parties present their slate of candidates to be offered to the electorate. The question is, do we really assess these candidates or do we simply accept them because the political parties present them?{{more}}

Over the years, we have had some very good candidates being offered, while there were some who were not so good. The question is, what should be the standard? I would not attempt to state what the standard should be or who should qualify to run for office. However, I may be in a position to say who should not be selected and offered as candidates.

We must, first of all, remember that we are a Christian society and most important is the expectation of politicians being role models. Many have failed to take heed of the latter. We have heard of politicians being seen drunk in the public and keepers attending official functions in place of wives. These are major issues that the electorate ought to take into consideration. Can we as Christians put our Christian values aside and go to the polls and vote for these politicians? We can forgive the past, because we all

make mistakes; but when someone offers himself or herself for public office, it is time to turn a new leaf.

If that person insists on leading the same life, then he or she ought to be rejected. As the saying goes, “once is a mistake, twice is a habit.” There is a usual tendency for members of the public to call on the Christian Council to voice its opinion on certain matters but no one asks their opinion on matters, such as these.

It is time to lift the standard; therefore let this election be a time of reflection on our core values.

Charles Forbes