Our Readers' Opinions
October 29, 2010
They follow me


Editor: As an old and humble man in SVG, I became very annoyed last weekend when I was given my weekly newspapers. When I asked the gentleman for the News newspaper, he told me that a ULP bigman called in to boycott the selling of the News. I told him that I am very sure that the same ULP man reads the paper he opposes.{{more}}

I am saying how ignorant and foolish we appear to be in the minds of some people. That big man and some people are looking to me like a herd of cattle in a pasture, and a sound of thunder echoed in the ears of the bull; frightening it and causing it to start running out of the savannah, down a hill, followed by the others and over a cliff into space and landing into a pool of muddy water, where they all die.

How pitiful that it seems that some right minded persons will behave in that way. I want to remind people that just a few weeks ago, I said that some big people behave as if they are still in the ID stage. Who is to be blamed? Is it satan? Or may be power crazy.

We are too childish, badminded, grudge and far from prayer. Therefore, the devil get to control us easily. Mr. Bigman who you may be. I do know that people respect and probably look up to you, but because of that call in which several people supported, you – I as an individual, must rebuke that kind of behavior (Proverbs 27:5). Some of your friends would say: “Boy, you were wrong in their minds, but physically, they would be pretending.

All around our country, we are hearing about election and ringing of the bell. But I am telling you, all who want to hear a bell ring – that a bell rings, tolls and chimes, so let our first election be of GOD (Proverbs 1:4), and I can tell my people in St. Vincent and the Grenadines that God will direct us on election day. So even when the pencils will be going down on the papers, we will make the right choice, get home and listen to the results. I am tempted to predict the outcome, but later for that, and don’t ask me, tell me yours, so cheerio until later, by God’s help.

And please, buy all Newspapers, none to reject.

Bishop Lester Frank