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October 22, 2010
The things people say to win an election

Fri, Oct 22, 2010

Editor: Did I hear right? Did former PM James Mitchell declare that cocoa will be brought back if the NDP wins? The things people say to win an election. Did the NDP not destroy cocoa in this country by cutting down cocoa crops in Park Hill, Johnson, Richmond and Windsor Forest, just to name a few.{{more}} Did they not close three cocoa drying factories including a new one built by Cato for 1 million dollars, in Wallilabou?

If this wasn’t bad enough, they killed sugar, arrowroot, the coconut oil industry, Diamond Dairy, the stone mills, the smocking industry, etc.

Here is someone who refuses to tell the nation where a hundred million dollars disappeared to, and why ships were mortgaged by the NCB while sitting in foreign ports. Suddenly, his voice returns, and hence cocoa talk.

John Wilson