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October 12, 2010
Leave the Supervisor of Elections alone

Tue, Oct 12, 2010

Editor: I am usually a quiet person who allows falsehood to slip by, knowing that the truth always surfaces. However, I cannot sit idle and allow someone to insinuate distrust in the Supervisor of Elections.{{more}}

With our system of conducting elections, how in heaven’s name can there be cheating? What is the role of the agents from each political party who sit from start to finish on Election Day in the polling stations? I know for a fact that the Supervisor of Elections gets to know the results of elections after some candidates, since the agents relay the information by way of cellular phones to the candidates as soon as they are known.

As was said by the critic, the Supervisor is indeed an honourable and distinguished lady; having known her for upwards of thirty years, I would like to highlight other aspects of this wonderful human being who I would trust with any election.

1. She is a lady of INTEGRITY – This lady has headed many organisations in the past and was responsible for financial management. There was never a single occasion when INQUIRY was called for. She is honest to the bone.

2. She is a firm believer in the Supremacy of Almighty God – In many of our conversations, she reminds me of how good God is, Ms. Findlay knows how accountable she is to God for her every action.

3. She cannot be bribed – She has a good conscience and a strong sense of right and wrong; she never calls evil good or good evil. She is also not afraid to express to anyone in her usual calm way how strongly she feels about any matter.

4. She is not a ‘hanger-on’ – Ms Findlay allows those around her to grow and develop to their full potential. She knows when to step aside. She is a real person with genuine concerns for her fellow human beings.

Commendation was in order after the Referendum for the Supervisor by the same critics, so what has she done since? DO NOT MAKE HER A SCAPE GOAT. Remember, the greatest friend of truth is time. Even though you bury truth, it will grow and burst through with explosive power!

Mida Mason (Ms)
Central Leeward Voter