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September 24, 2010
Elvis Charles is the man for Central Kingstown

Fri, Sept 24, 2010

Editor: I venture to say that the fiasco- “the Phillip’s folly” has been settled. Since this is so, I wish to introduce to the Central Kingstown Constituency in particular and to the Vincentian public locally and in the Diaspora in general the candidate who undoubtedly is the real match for the major.{{more}}

Fans and supporters are still in a hilarious mood when the name Elvis Presley is mentioned. Our own Elvis is an expert on the guitar. Of course, there are other Elvises who are successful in their respective fields. There is yet another Elvis. Elvis who?

This “yet another Elvis” has been a school teacher for 26 years, touching the lives and homes of hundreds during this time. He taught at several schools, including the Lodge Village Government School, where he was a teacher for six years. Many constituents can testify to the meaningful contribution that he made at this institution as he helped to shape the educational future of those he now seeks to represent. He continues to influence positively the students of the Bethel High School where he is currently a teacher.

This ambitious Elvis holds a Certificate in Social Studies education, a Bachelor’s degree in Educational Administration and a Master’s in that same field. Until recently, he held the position of the President of the Teachers’ Union.

Who is this Elvis who is so highly qualified and perfectly fits the bill to be representative for Central Kingstown? He is none other than Elvis Charles.

Elvis Charles resides at Green Hill in the Central Kingstown Constituency. This makes him one of our own. He has served on several committees in the area and has intricately entwined with the people over the many years. He is married and has been living with his wife Zenneth for the past 15 years. Zenneth was born and bred in Green Hill. They have two daughters, Zenelle and Roselle.

Elvis Charles deserves our support. He has joined the team of the progressives – the ULP. Let us rally around him and share in another victory when he brings the Central Kingstown seat home for the ULP. ELVIS, THE STAR FOR THE STAR.