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September 14, 2010
Complaining and threats will do more hurt

Tue, Sept 14, 2010

Editor: I refer to your article “PM accuses SCL of tracking him in UK” which appeared in your edition of September 10, 2010.{{more}}

This is not the Comrade I left in SVG in 2002. My friend is sending a message of desperation. Years ago, Comrade would have laughed at things like these. He would have encouraged public servants to criticize him. I can bear witness to the Comrade getting “LEAKS” from public servants before the matters reached Cabinet then.

Comrade, please understand that what goes around, comes around. Face the voters and convince them about the reasons for giving your government another term. Remember when we joked about my cousin, Emery Robertson, when he ran? You referred to him as a schoolboy who went up into a grafted mango tree and instead of picking the mangoes and putting into his pocket, he shook the tree and his friends who were under the tree got all the mangoes. Be of that same spirit.

Remember that voters are who determine the results. Complaining, cursing or threatening will do more hurt than good.

Ormond V “Bully”Robertson