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September 3, 2010
May the best candidates win

Fri, Sept 3, 2010

Editor: As the next general election nears, there are lots of burning issues and several questions to be discussed.

Among these issues are: the performance of the ULP compared with that of the NDP, the policies and programs of each party – their manifesto and economic plans, the candidates selected for the upcoming election, the question of leadership – Dr Ralph Gonsalves versus Arnhim Eustace, corruption at various levels of the public service, and political victimization.{{more}}

From these issues, persons would discuss the Argyle international airport; the Education Revolution; low income and no income housing scheme; foreign policies – America and England versus Cuba and Venezuela; Health care – the increase in the number of persons enrolled in the School of Nursing; shortage of medication at our hospital and clinics; alleged corruption at the Ministries of Health and Agriculture; the million dollar deposit; monies used for the YES campaign; the Morgan issue, the Ottley Hall inquiry; sweet heart mortgages; the purchase of state lands below market value; Tourism and agriculture; Anesia Baptiste; Otto Sam; the auxiliary staff in North Central Windward; our national debt; VAT; NIS; the cost of living; poverty reduction, among others.

Therefore, I wish to write on these issues until the next election. I feel it is time that persons vote on issues. Hence I will try to present both sides in my arguments. At the end of my articles, I wish that I will persuade persons to see my point of view and support the party that I have chosen as the party that can lead us through this trying time.

In concluding, I wish all the candidates of the upcoming election the best of luck, and may the best men or women win.

Until you read again, God’s speed,

Deana Moses