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August 20, 2010
Time for the curry favour to stop!

Fri, Aug 20, 2010

Editor: I want you to allow me a space in your newspaper, in response to a recent incident.

On July 13, 2010, at approximately 4:15 p.m, while transporting cement from the local wharf to Coreas Lumber yard, I encountered traffic congestion and decided to turn towards the area where Julian Francis’ bar was operated during the carnival season, to await a reduction in the traffic.{{more}}

Following the traffic’s reduction, I reversed, and to my surprise, realised that the wheel of the truck had fallen into a covered manhole. This manhole appeared solid, but unfortunately this was not so. The majority of the cement was thrown to the ground and my truck was damaged.

I spoke to Mr. Haynes of the Town Board the next day and acted upon his instructions to repair the truck, followed by a letter stating the cost of the repairs. I was also informed that the area of the incident would be assessed.

However, during our next meeting, Mr. Haynes related “Nancy” stories to me. These included “that the police had previously placed a mark there against any one driving” and that “the Board was not in charge of roads – but BRAGSA”.

Playing the “Fugitive”

I decided to visit BRAGSA and met a gentleman by the name of Brian George. I gave an account of the incident involving my truck, which resulted in a “powerless” expression and “crocodile” smile from Mr. George. He later told me to write two letters. One was to be addressed to him and the other to the Chief Engineer Brent Bailey. I did exactly so and decided to meet Mr. Bailey personally. However, I was told to await the meeting with Mr. Bailey by his Secretary, after she went to his office and informed him of my visit. I waited patiently until it got unbearable. This resulted in my decision to go to his office personally and deliver the letter. However, I opened the door to an empty office, which had me questioning as to whether Mr. Bailey was playing the ‘fugitive’ on me?

Mr. Haynes had sent me to a government oppressor. I “Live up” Alistair Simon have a serious warning for the politicians. It’s time for the “curry favour” to stop!

The town board is a very important institution. Mr. Haynes who operates it has shown in his attitude that he has no idea, no vision, no credentials to show that he is qualified to do the job. We need people with vision in charge of these important institutions, including the police stations, the prison, the hospital and the town board.

For most of these politicians today, when they acquired office, money and sex are the major things in their minds. Bill Clinton was a considerably good president. However, when he became involved in a sexual scandal, the American people turned against him. Mr. Haynes needs to resign, go home and live on his pension!

Mr. Politician, we need people with vision in these important institutions. Forget about who vote this or who vote that! In the Bible, Proverbs chapter 29 verse 18 says “When there is no vision the people perish” and in supporting chapters it says “Righteousness exalts a nation”.

Mr. Politician, an institution is like building a house. If the house is not built strong and a hurricane occurs, the house would be destroyed. Similarly, when an institution breaks down, people do what they feel, but when the institution is strong, people have to do what they are told. Therefore, we need to put people with vision in these important institutions so that they can inspire their leaders.

Mr. Politician, when you place unqualified and unscrupulous people in important positions, what is going to happen there? The good citizens are going to feel hopeless, frustrated and the only alternative is to migrate to some other country. This will result in the bad people remaining here and committing crimes against the hard working people.

Mr. Politician, if you love your children and want them to grow up in this country with love and hope, then stop doing wrong. Mr. Politician, I consider myself a good citizen of this country, and no government oppressor including Haynes is going to pressure I man and make I man leave my country!

Last year, while in the United States, I met a woman from Brighton and asked her “when was she going to stop pay this high rent and return to St. Vincent and enjoy the home which she had worked so hard and built?” She responded: “America is a safer place than St. Vincent to live and she is not returning home to walk the street in fear.”

Bring back hope

Mr. Politician, I want you to help me make a serious consideration. If a bad guy commits a crime on a good guy and the bad guy goes to an institution where the head of the institution is another bad guy and the bad guy sets him free, how is the good guy going to feel? Mr. Politician, it’s time to use your wisdom and understanding and stop putting unqualified people in important positions. There are young christian scholars out there who have vision and will make this country prosper if given the chance. Get rid of the oppressors; especially the older ones! Stop frustrating the scholars and make them hopeless, otherwise later in life when you retire, crime will meet you on your bed. Let us try to bring back the hope we once had before so that crime can be reduced.

Mr. Politician, stop renting houses for young girls! It is better to give them a job, because you are disrespecting your wife when you do that. Before I say amen to this, let me say this to all the government oppressors: ‘I didn’t come here on earth tonight for the riches or to turn stones. I came here to do the work of Jah!

Alistair ‘Liveup’ Simon