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August 20, 2010
Bridging the gap and helping the youths

Fri, Aug 20, 2010

EDITOR: I am the creator of a facebook page called “Voice of the Youths”. This page is aimed at getting youths to express their views on issues affecting us in the world and to suggest solutions to such problems.{{more}} It has received great feedback within its first month with youths expressing their views on various topics.

I write today because “Voice of the Youths” will not only be a page, it will be a group that will soon be ready for total exposure in our country.

As head of this group, I am writing to suggest that for the new school term/year, we have mentorship programmes where those in the upper form/grades can tutor/assist those in lower form/grades who are weak in particular subject areas. This will assist in teaching the students leadership skills as well as making them feel accomplished by helping others, therefore raising their self esteem and confidence

I must also ask that poetry be fused and used in the English A & B classes, for expression is the key to developing and widening the minds of our youths and creating a positive society.

Many of our youths have the understanding but they do not know how to express themselves. With poetry they will learn to express themselves as well as tap into their thoughts. They will become deep thinkers, and with deep thinkers success will be highly attainable and we will, therefore, have a more positive country.

Music is something that calms the mind and soothes the soul. As youths it helps us to concentrate and even work better, so it is my desire for music to be taught in all schools in SVG. Music has developed and changed the lives of many persons who have gone on to become businessmen and women. Some of our youths are musically talented but need nurturing, so I am asking that music be a subject taught in all schools.

This is for the development of our youths who we call “the future of tomorrow”, so let us bridge that gap and go all out for our youths through the use of education.

I hope I am not asking for too much. I am just a young poet with a vision, so I am working towards that vision.

Yours Truly
Dillon Ollivierre
Founder/Creator & President of Voice of the Youths