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August 17, 2010
We need answers in police shooting

Tue, Aug 17, 2010

Editor: I am someone who has been trained in the use of firearms and there is no way that a firearm that is being cleared and someone is shot unless there is a major case of negligence.{{more}} In my humble limited knowledge of using firearms for the past 8 years, a weapon even when cleared, needs to have a few basic tasks carried out.

1. The magazine is released from the weapon.

2. The chamber of the weapon is cleared by ejecting the round which is still in the chamber of the weapon.

3. The chamber is checked by sight and physically to ensure there is no round present.

4. The action is fired off in the case of a rifle. In the case of a pistol the magazine is placed back unto the pistol and the action fired off.

There is no way that a weapon can be fired off unless there is NEGLIGENCE or if they were messing around. Either way we need answers which are factual.

Concerned Vincy