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July 2, 2010
Vincentians – learn to control the tongue

Fri, Jul 02, 2010

Editor: Fellow Vincentians, many of our tongues are causing real trouble in our country. That clipping of our tongues may be the bill to pass in our parliament (laugh).{{more}}

The Vincentian behaviour of many people causes many to think many adults are still in the ID stages and never had or have the EGO and the super IGO in our lives. If my words have you in suspense just ask your doctor what I mean.

I’d like to tell my friend that we must be careful when people tell us things about others because the tongue we cannot tame (James 3:18). Avoid having itchy ears (Ecc 7:21). News would either be true or false, therefore let us not be rash with our mouths and let not thy heart be hasty to utter anything before God. Therefore, let our words be few.

Some words cause upset minds, malice, flared tempers, sleepless nights, hatred, envy and law suits, so I beg all to control the tongues (Ecc. 5:2).

We can tame a pit bull dog but not our tongues. Our tongues are so serious to control that even when we are asleep, or going for some operation, people can tell us that we were either singing, laughing, crying, praying or even cursing.

So, those of us who are going around as tale bearers, PLEASE, STOP IT NOW (Leviticus 19:16), and love your neighbours as yourself (Leviticus 19:18). So even in love, control the tongues and lawsuits will diminish and things will be better there.

I had been begging people to pray to God more often and more seriously for many years. This seems to be falling on deaf ears, but thank God for I am hearing others calling for prayers.

When I said crime and violence were on a go slow, some laughed, but look at the speed these things are moving on with now. I am now begging the Police again; please give us one pedestrian crossing near the Bus Stop going to Richardson’s Gas Station and another crossing at Sunrise Bakery and Supermarket.

I am speaking from a biblical point of view. I love people but not some of their ways. I have no secondary education but inspiration from God, therefore I am nobody’s fool. I love all, so let’s put all differences aside, turn to God and things will change in our blessed land. So cherio to all until later by God’s help.

Bishop Lester C.W. Frank