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July 2, 2010
Beresford’s the right man for Central Kingstown

Fri, Jul 02, 2010

EDITOR: Beresford Phillips is the right candidate for Central Kingstown. He has been a loyal and dedicated advocate for the Unity Labour Party and has been credited by many in that constituency for Conrad Sayers’ victories.{{more}}

Beresford is a compassionate person who cares about people and understands what they are going through. He is the man who can find a way to make things happen and if he can’t find a way he will make one.

He is a grassroots man who is very much liked by the people in his constituency. After all, the people can connect with him because they see him as one of them and one who is an inspiration to upcoming youths. Beresford is a successful businessman, not like Leacock who has never run a successful business outside of government for the many years he has been a business executive. Beresford is also a successful insurance agent, and I am convinced in my mind that he will win this seat for the ULP.

After conducting a sample poll, he is favored by many as the best candidate to represent Central Kingstown. He has the personality and temperament that will make an excellent representative. He is a very persistent man who will never give up on people. He has courage of steel and vigour to tackle new challenges and problems. Beresford is the man who will go on the block and lime with the youth unlike many who are all about self and are divorced from people.

Beresford will back his shirt and go in the mountain to help a farmer. Beresford has a similar personality to that of the Prime Minister. Beresford for Central Kingstown, Rene Baptiste for West Kingstown and Luke Browne for East Kingstown. This is a force to be reckoned with. Ken Boyea as Mayor for Kingstown running the campaign in Kingstown, Burns Bonadies and all the key players for the ULP in the town area. ULP will take all three Kingstown seats.

From Central Kingstown ULP Activist