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July 2, 2010
Assess the leaders on their track record

Fri, Jul 02, 2010

Editor: I refer to the article “Vincentians favour aspects of both socialism, capitalism” in your midweek edition of June 29.{{more}}

The ambivalence of Vincentians about which is more desirable — Socialism or Capitalism, is not surprising. That is because people everywhere value individual freedom but they also want government to provide the services (education, health, welfare, etc) that will facilitate full exercise of that freedom. I do not think that it is useful for Vincentian political leaders to separate the people into camps, trying to score points about political philosophies. What Vincentians need to do is to look at the governing practices of both political parties and ask:

1. Which government has been more respectful of individual freedoms: of speech, of press, of religion. Do people feel more secure in their god- given freedoms?

2. Which government has made it easier for people to improve their economic well being? Are you better off now than ten years ago?

3. Which government has capitalized on the natural resources to build a stronger and more respected state in the eyes of the world community? Do you feel proud about the look and feel of the country?

4. Which government has capitalized on strategic alliances with other nations to improve the lot of Vincentians without selling the soul of who we are as Vincentians?

Forget about socialism and capitalism. Assess the leaders

on their track record of good governance.

W. Lionel Williams