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June 29, 2010
Are Vincy men getting a bad rap from Vincy women?

Tue, Jun 29, 2010

Editor: It never dawned on me that there are some bad, worthless, money digging Vincentian women in our society, until a friend told me about his experiences with Vincentian women. And then I really started to listen to other stories, and I realised that maybe Vincentian men are getting a bad rap for nothing.{{more}}

Most women would have you believe that there are no good Vincentian men out there, that we dirty, we cheat, we lie and that we beat women. Well hallelujah, there are some women who are worse.

They lie in the Family Court to force more maintenance money out of the man, just to spite him, because he loves another woman. They lie in the divorce court to get property and money that they did not work for, and do not deserve. After the second date, they always want money. It’s the phone bill, the light bill, the cousin who sick, and the list goes on.

Some Vincy women can lie and cheat better than we men. They claim that they need three men in their lives at the same time: one who is the banker, to pay the bills, the other is the driver, to drop them here and there, and the third who is the sweet man. Watch them around carnival time. They have their boyfriends and husbands, and yet their behaviour in public with other men, is simply atrocious.

And there are the wives, who run fat after the first child, don’t cook, wash and iron for their husbands, and in fact are chasing their husbands into the arms of the single women out there.

Come on Vincy women, it’s time to treat us men with respect and dignity. I know that there are some bad Vincy men out there, but Vincy women need to show us some more dignity.

Vincy Man