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June 22, 2010
Who was SVG’s first Police Commissioner?

Tue, Jun 22, 2010

Editor: Sometime ago, I tried to convince someone that R.M. Thomas was our first native police commissioner. This became a reality after the colonial period, which was laced with commissioners from Britain, came to an end in addition to S.A Anderson, a Jamaica retiring in 1970.{{more}}

I am not a ‘know it all’. However I like to seek information that is beneficial to me. For the benefit of the brother with whom I was in contention and the general public, I will now present the lineage of Vincentian Police Commissioners:

R. M Thomas Lieutenant/Colonel became Commissioner of Police on January 11,1971 and served until August 3,1972.

Next in line was R.T O’Garro who was installed as Commissioner on October 10,1972 and left the constabulary in April 1977. O’Garro’s successor was Benjamin Jackson who assumed police leadership on April 25,1977 and served until January 19,1984.

Felix Constantine was the fourth Vincentian commissioner whose stint began on January 19,1984 and ended on the May 28,1985.

The man who would become SVG’s longest serving Police Commissioner, Randolph Toussaint, began his stint on the September 7,1985 and ended a record 12 years on August 20,1997.

Osborne Quow became Toussaint’s successor, taking up the position of Commissioner on the September 15, 1998 and ending his career on the May 31, 2001.

William Harry became the new kid on the block on the June 1, 2001 and ended his service on the January 12, 2006.

Keith Miller became SVG’s eighth Commissioner of Police on the October 1, 2006 to the present.

This useful bit of civic information should not go unnoticed as it could be used as a blueprint for further study on the local constabulary by future scholars.

Patmos Richards.