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May 7, 2010
Precious ladies, do not tolerate it anymore!


Editor: A few days ago I watched a “Tyra Banks” show that featured a young lady, 17 years of age, who was time and again abused by her boyfriend – slapped a number of times, hair pulled at etc. Sadly, the young lady had low self-esteem, feeling that she was not beautiful enough and maybe deserved what she got from her boyfriend.{{more}}

Tyra Banks assured the young lady that she was indeed beautiful, and that even if a person is considered “ugly,” NO man has the right to abuse a woman neither verbally, emotionally or physically. This show once again brought home to me the UTTER NONSENSE that quite a number of our young ladies and even some older ladies as well are tolerating.

They allow themselves to be taken advantage of by their male partners. They act like kids who are afraid of their abusive fathers. Come on, abused women, do not continue to allow men to take unfair and evil advantage of you. DO NOT ALLOW that to happen. Ladies, aren’t you human, too? Please, please, GET OUT of any abusive relationship that shows no sign of changing for the better. Do not be afraid of going to the police, a lawyer, or “Human Rights” if the situation warrants it. Ladies, build your self-esteem if need be. Yes, recognize that you have self-worth. Yes, ladies, you are precious.

I call on any man who is abusing his female partner to stop doing so. You make yourself “good-for-nothing” when you practice any kind of abuse on your lady. You are a coward by doing so. So, please, STOP this nasty habit. It does NO good for you. STOP IT NOW!!!

Fed up