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April 23, 2010
Bad move again by Education Ministry


Editor: The removal of the Principal (ag) and Deputy Principal of the Dr. J.P Eustace Memorial Secondary School does not bode well for that institution. The majority of the children in schools like J.P Eustace, St.Clair Dacon, Bethel High School and North Union Secondary come from low income homes and deprived areas.{{more}}

Many of these children live in households with weak parental guidance and communities with low societal values which they act out in school. Thus these schools need zero tolerance discipline which the previous leadership adopted at J.P Eustace.

Many fail to understand that the school has become the focal agency of socialization and discipline in this country, and if leadership in these schools is weak then we can expect to see more truancy in schools and lawlessness in society in the future.

The gang land culture, gangster rap and the dancehall have taken over this country, and it is reflected in the corrosive behavior of youths, hence the need for strong discipline in schools.

However, we prefer to and are living in a lawless society where anything goes. Hence anytime someone institutes measures to effect discipline, we become offended, though unjustified, and take it to the talk shows where politicians then pander to the public reaction because of votes.

When one looks at they way we drive on the roads and how those minivans stop anywhere at anytime, one wonders whether laws and rules exist in this country.

The number of young guys on the block throughout this country smoking and pushing drugs tells us something. This country is fast sliding into an abyss.

Concerned Citizen