Our Readers' Opinions
March 26, 2010
Lowman: Books are better!


Grade 4

GOOD afternoon. I’m here to say that books are better than TV. Like all of you, I had a choice and I chose books. Giving up television has freed my time to experience the true advantages of reading.{{more}}

While television makes us want to buy things and convinces us in a number of different ways, books give us stories and meaningful thoughts.

What makes a better companion than a book?

Television cannot fit into my purse; I cannot see it on my lap during a plane or car ride. What can I take to the beach while I soak in the sun, other than a book?

Books take us to new worlds and give us imaginary characters. Television, on the other hand, puts us into the same world over and over.

With books, one does not miss a storyline, because a book allows you to continue where you left off, unlike TV. Books are cheaper than TV.

I am positive that books are better than TV. So I challenge you to stop turning that knob on and start turning the pages of a book.