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March 19, 2010
Kanaval needs urgent medical attention


Editor: Our Kanaval is suffering. It badly needs urgent medical treatment.

For far too long now, what we have witnessed is a SHOW (and some fetes) being promoted and “We Kanaval” being diluted. It has reached breaking point.{{more}}

I have canvassed several other people in SVG and “overseas” and they, too, feel that Carnival 2K9 was a disaster (except for the mas makers on Tuesday). We do have the best mas’ makers in the Caribbean (bar none) and they carry on the Vinci tradition of excellent body costume as opposed to (T&T) bra and panty, beads and some tinsel.

Take a look at my web pages of mas in the old days, that should convince you.

Your (CDC) website is fine and it does what a propaganda tool is supposed to do, that is, “give the impression that “all is well”. Well, I must tell you (CDC) it AIN’T NECESSARILY SO (as per the song). I and quite a few others think that Carnival 2K9, leading up to Dimarche Gras, was a disaster or near enough and all the HYPE in the world can’t wash that.

Does CDC in SVG mean Carnival Destruction Committee? I have always shied away from any pointed or serious critique of the organization over the years, but this is an ALL TIME ABSOLUTE LOW. When a man is drowning he clutches at straws or anything to save his (donkey). This is what appears to have happened in 2K9.

I guess you (CDC) with all your “know nothing, foreign and local ill-advisers will rationalize otherwise and will rant and rave at Paddy Corea for being so outspoken, open and honest. Prove me wrong. Ask 50 people (who are involved in Carnival) and hear what they say. Especially, ask the “mas makers”.

Do you think it’s because of the financial times that Victoria was virtually EMPTY every Kanaval show except for the fetes ?? Can you see the error of your ways with the mention of that word (fete)? This bankrupt approach mode that CDC is in tells me that they don’t have a clue about the rich history of SVG Kanaval of prior generations from Karka Jacobs and Doc Forde to Roy Ralph. So they look at T&T Toronto and Bklyn for ideas. You won’t find the answers to SVG mas there. The simple answer for SVG Carnival is to give Carnival back to the PEOPLE who make it happen and who care deeply about the “culture of carnival”. No fete, politricks or booty contest could substitute for “WE KANAVAL”. I could fete any day for the 365 in a year and the “booty” contest can be held anytime in that timeframe and Kanaval will not miss it. Kanaval is NOT a booty contest.

I don’t want to suggest any IDEAs to CDC or advise them on incentives to restructure the Kanaval because I think we are way past this point. It’s falling down badly.

If your right arm is infected with gangrene, you have only one choice. Cut it off.

Take the POLITRICKS out of WE KANAVAL and give it back to the people who make it happen They can’t do any worse than you.

(“We Kanaval” is a phrase used for Vinci Mas’ by my late friend and co-panist Dan Simon (Mezumba)).

E J Paddy Corea
Queens, NY