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March 12, 2010
Enough and no more


EDITOR: Registered nurses were recently sent home because the government is not obligated to employ them, based on the contract they had signed. But how can you justify sending home those young nurses then turn around and give a former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education a job as a consultant? What special knowledge does she have that nobody else has?{{more}}

How can one get two years’ employment beyond retirement, receive a gratuity, a pension and now a consultancy? Why? How can one justify such and then send home nurses and others workers at the Port and also at Public Works?

This Government likes to brag and boast about the number of Vincentians who have studied and are studying abroad, but many of these people are unemployed. Yet, there are so many retired workers who are on government’s pay list in these rough economic times.

The unemployment rate in Grenada is one third of the labour force. It is reasonable to expect that it is around the same or worse in St.Vincent and the Grenadines, given the fact that Grenada is better off economically. With such high unemployment, why is this ULP government keeping so many retired workers?

Many young persons can’t get work because the avenues for public and private employment are drying up fast in this country. What message is this sending to young people in this country?

The Unemployed