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March 5, 2010
Who do you think is fit enough to lead SVG?

EDITOR: My fellow Vincentians, this is an honest cry of love for this nation coming from the depths of my heart, so I pray that you will take the time to read this article.

Surely we have all heard the views of all three parties and their supporters concerning who should lead this country.{{more}} Each party and their supporters speak confidently concerning this topic and are convinced that they have the right man for the job. Believe it or not, we are literally at war. Each party has their soldiers posted in the various forums of the media. They do their research on the target and work on strategies for fighting them. But in the end, my fellow Vincentians, we are the ones who decide who goes and who stays, so I’m appealing to you. I know who is the perfect man for leading this country and my purpose for writing this article is to show you, my Vincentian public, why this man is the perfect man for the job. I pray that you will agree with me concerning this man, but in the end the choice is still yours.

Before I reveal to you exactly who this man is, let me describe this man’s character. This man is not a respecter of persons. He is not partial. He deals with everyone on a merit basis because He is a fair man. This means that there will be no injustice in this nation. Our wages will be just/fair. People will not be underpaid nor overpaid. This means that there will be fairness and equality when it comes to job applications, job promotions, scholarships, health care, justice, the allocation of finance and resources necessary for nation building etc. He is honest and faithful to His words. This means that whatever He promises you He will surely do. So there will be no more false promises because this is a man that we can trust. He has a genuine heart of love and is not selfish. This means that His budget will reflect the true needs of this country. This means that He will be working to please people and not just Himself. This means that He will truly focus on helping the poor people in this nation in deeds and not just words. This means that poor people will finally get help.

I tell you the truth and I lie not, if we let this man lead this country St. Vincent and the Grenadines will become one of the greatest nations in the world. This man is also a peaceful man and He knows how to lead people into peace. This means that He will surely find ways of creating peace in this nation. My fellow Vincentians, we will finally be able to once again sleep with our windows open at night, we will finally see a rapid decrease in the number of murders in this nation, our sons and daughters will finally be safe. This man has good moral standards that I’m sure we all will agree with. If this man is in control, morality in this nation will be promoted. He will ensure that our sons and daughters practice good morality. If this man becomes the leader of this nation, I can guarantee you that you will begin to see laws and systems in place that will ensure that our mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, grandpas and grandmas practice good morality.

My fellow Vincentians, if I continue to write about this man’s character I would need a software system to store the information. I believe that you, my readers, should already have an idea of who this man is, if not let me help you.

His name is Jesus Christ and He is the living Word of God!!

Now you may be wondering how exactly to vote Him into office. Let me show you how this can be done:

Doing this is by no means hard; in fact it is one of the easiest things to do. If you can swing on a ‘swinging pole’ you can do it, if you can ride in a minibus to your home you can do it because in the same way that you believe in the strength of a rope and a tree branch to bear your weight without breaking, in the same way that you believe and trust in the driving skill of a minibus driver to take you to your home safely, so you must believe and trust in the words of Jesus.

Faith without works is dead (James 2:17) so we need both. You believe that the swinging pole is strong (that’s faith) so you sit on it and swing (that’s the action which follows because of your faith). You believe that if you catch this van, it will take you home safely (that’s faith) so you go to the bus terminal and proceed to sit in one (that’s the action which follows because of your faith). And in the same way that we practice theses actions daily, so must we also practice applying Jesus’s words to our lives daily.

My fellow Vincentians, the word of God gives us instructions on how to live a healthy, clean, peaceful, joyous, prosperous, victorious, fulfilling and long life, and all we need to do is to believe what it says (that’s faith) and obey/do what it says (that’s the action which follows because of your faith). When the people of this nation (the government, private sector, ordinary citizens, Christians) all come to the point where we are doing what the Bible says, then and only then can we say that Jesus is leading this country. So my final question to you is this: will you vote Jesus into office?

Elroy Morris