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March 5, 2010
Need for balanced Talk show hosts and journalists


Editor: Currently there is a lack of balanced, unbiased journalists and talk show hosts. Most of them are politically biased. They have failed in many areas to be balanced and professional in conducting their programmes or reporting.{{more}}

I would wish the day comes when we would have journalist like those who are on BBC HARD TALK. Many times the journalist or talk show host would show biasness when he or she is conducting an interview or a programme depending on which side he supports. The questions normally asked are many times soft depending on which side the host is supportive of. The recently concluded Referendum was a case in point.

The host/journalist when doing an interview was seldom unbiased. It was not hard to recognize whose side the interviewer was supporting. Praise must be given to the “fugitive” and also the hosts (Candy man and Dezzie) on NBC early programme for their good job. These programmes are educational and many times balanced and politically free from partisan politics. I strongly recommend continued listenership to these programmes.

Even the well-known Jerry George with his programme “up next” many times shows political bias when dealing with political issues. I know everyone has an opinion and none is truly neutral. However, it is time that hosts and journalists conduct their programmes professionally without biasness and is balance.

After all, the media has an important role in the development of a country. Wake up and shake up guys and let truth and honesty be your hallmark and be balanced in your programmes.

Kennard King