Our Readers' Opinions
February 26, 2010
Just killing all my birds with one stone


Editor: I have a little bit to say about different things, so I figured I’d kill all my birds with one stone.

1. Can somebody please do something about the idiots who insist on setting fire to grass? These people don’t care about the valuable ecosystems they are destroying nor the soil erosion they are courting nor the air pollution they force others to endure, and in this dry season we shouldn’t be wasting precious water to put out grass fires.{{more}}

2. In Harmony Hall, “iguana hunters” have set a number of grass fires between some of the newly built houses. I hope those owners have fire insurance because I do not see any fire hydrants in the area and I don’t know if the fire truck can make it up that hill.

3. Can the Traffic Department or relevant body please paint the street lanes and parking demarcations on the block of road on Bay Street between Higginson and McCoy Streets? I would especially like to know where the middle lane (for turning right to go towards the Leeward Bus Terminal) starts in that block.

4. Can the Traffic Department (or relevant body) please replace the rusted NO ENTRY street sign at the intersection of Web and Wilson Streets? Too often I see vehicles illegally entering the ‘Leeward Highway’ from Wilson Street (on the side near to Imani Pre-School), and the intersection is one way only.

5. I overheard somebody say that in the old days if somebody had triplets government used to ‘support’ one of the babies. I don’t know whether it was just a courtesy nor how long the support went on for but maybe that is something SVGs newest triplet mother can look into.

6. Just the other day I was at the intersection of Higginson and Tyrell Streets (with my indicator on) waiting to turn left on Tyrell Street when, just as I started to move off, a van overtook me and the vehicle behind me and all three of us turned left. Those are the mangy sheep that are spoiling the van driver flock.

I will save the rest of my stones in case I get other birds.