Our Readers' Opinions
February 12, 2010

Let us rise above the petty politics


Editor: The recent historical case in which the police officers were fined for abusing the youngster is indeed a welcome sign that police officers are not above the law and can be brought to justice and convicted.{{more}}

It strengthens the democratic process of human rights. Thus we can not say that we have communism or that the Government or the Prime Minister is a communist. If that were so, then the officers would not have been tried and found guilty. If we had communism, then there would not have been protests and strikes. If we had communism, then the many radio programmes of different views would not have been allowed.

Instead what we have in this country is democracy at its best. We have the right to voice our opinion, to vote and elect whom we desire. We have freedom of expression and association and much more.

The problem is that many want to abuse the freedom and many have not understood that there must be laws and penalty for breaking them. Maybe we don’t understand that we have a responsibility to act in a disciplined manner and to respect and consider others.

It is sad when those who should know better use the media to put fear into the hearts of many and giving the picture that we are not democratic, but instead are heading towards communism.

I wonder, do we love our country? We have a responsibility to be honest and fair and not instill fear by being dishonest and bias. After all we are all Vincentians and the picture we paint of this our blessed land can taint the image or make good the image of this country.

Let us rise above petty politics and be honest and live together in peace and love, and not anger and hatred. Politics is indeed a dirty game.

Kennard King