Our Readers' Opinions
February 5, 2010

What is NDP’s position on the Education Revolution?


Editor: The NDP’s column in the newspaper on January 22, 2010, is saying that the education revolution is in turmoil. I asked myself the questions: Is the education revolution really in turmoil? Will the NDP discard the education revolution if they are to govern this country again? When the NDP says that children are attending schools where there is a shortage of teachers, one wonders what they are talking about.{{more}} Is it because more teachers are attending universities? Are they suggesting that we need to train more teachers? The opposition leader is asking where the government will get money to pay the 3% salary increase to civil servants and teachers? They stated that teachers are leaving the profession by the droves. I would like them to check the statistics and see if more teachers did not leave this country during 1984 – 2000, than during 2001 – 2010; not to attend universities, but to leave the profession.

It seems as though when the government is focusing on areas of development for this country, the opposition is critical of them. It took the NDP 10 years to build a primary school that was on shift system for 16 years. Under the education revolution, we have several new early childhood centres, primary and secondary schools. Under the education revolution, hundreds of teachers are trained. Under the NDP many young students had to leave schools when they wanted even one mark to pass the Common Entrance Exam or School Leaving Exam. This was so because poor people were unable to pay school fees for their children to enter private secondary schools.

The education revolution allows poor people children who failed the Common Entrance Exam, to enter even the St. Vincent Grammar School and the Girls’ High School. This they also criticized, saying it would reduce the standard of these schools. Does the NDP really have an interest in the education of poor people children? Under the education revolution hundreds of young people from low socioeconomic status are now entering Universities.

The Book Loan Scheme was another concern. They did not do better. They only gave the Grades 7 and 8 students in the primary schools and Form ones. Today, it is extended to all students at the secondary and postsecondary levels. The Book Loan Scheme is very effective for these students.

While some teachers may not have received their salaries on time, they eventually received their salaries. Will the NDP want to see more poor people children on the street again? The education revolution is a success.