Our Readers' Opinions
January 29, 2010

Why us? What are we voting for?


Editor: Permit me space in your newspaper to cleanse myself of some things that have been upsetting me. For too long now, the people of Mayreau have been neglected by political parties, and I will like to know why.{{more}}

Why is it that in almost every budget presentation there is nothing mentioned for us?

Why can’t our infrastructual needs be met?

Why can’t lands be acquired, so at least the young people can have somewhere to call their own?

Why are we neglected? Are we not part of sweet SVG?

Why! Why! Why! Why! Why?

The people of this small island (1 1/2 sq miles) have survived without much help from any government, both past and present. So we still have to ask the question: Why are we voting?

The NDP supporters will say it is because of Mitchell that they got lands, so because of this, they vote as a sign of loyalty to Mr. Mitchell.

The ULP supporters will tell you that Mitchell didn’t do enough and that ‘The Comrade’ is just good, he knows how to get things done, so they vote for these and other reasons every election. But whether NDP or ULP, we all suffer. Under this present administration, we are neglected because our island is an NDP stronghold (it will take a miracle for that to change). But my dear ‘Comrade’, what about your ULP people? What do they gain from being your supporters? All through the years we argue and become enemies with each other for political parties that couldn’t care less about us, and for politicians that we only see during elections, or if we turn on our television.

I have already decided not to vote, and call upon my fellow islanders to do just the same (as silly as some may see it). Let us speak out; show them that we are not behind God’s back (as we so often hear). Show them we are tired and fed-up of neglect. Let our not voting be a form of protest. Forget NDP and ULP. Let’s do this for Mayreau. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Young and neglected from Mayreau