Our Readers' Opinions
January 29, 2010



Editor: Congratulations are in order for Rose Bank, my village, for winning the Vincy Home Coming competition, and also to the newly formed North Leeward Minibus Association which is in its infancy.{{more}}

Winning the Vincy Homecoming competition is another achievement to go along with placing second in the Lighting up competition. Rose Bank, although small and lacking the attention in terms of development projects by the governments, both past and present, is indeed a multitalented community. This community has shown to all and sundry that not only does talent lie in this community but also achievements are possible when we unite and work together. I am proud to be a Rose Bank man.

For quite some time I have been advocating the formation of a minibus association in the North Leeward district. I am happy that this has become a reality. I am very happy with the direction the Association is heading and the way in which it is going about achieving its objectives and goals.

The implementation of the line up system for the vans is indeed commendable, and the effort by the van drivers to serve the passengers satisfactorily is encouraging. They have been listening to the passengers and are addressing the problems and trying to work along with the passengers to make both parties happy.

My hope is that this Association will grow from strength to strength and that it will not be shortlived after they have achieved some of their goals. I encourage passengers and van drivers to continue to cooperate. It is my hope as well that the van drivers would continue to cooperate with each other.

Other areas should take a page from the North Leeward Mini Vans Association and be organized also, so that their business can be operated in an organized and more profitable manner.

Kennard King