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January 8, 2010

I really need some serious attention


Editor: Let’s come out of our private transport for one minute. The river in front of the Girls’ High School is a sight to behold.{{more}}

Stand at the bus, breathe in then let out, turn around and look down into the river and you tell me, isn’t this a disgusting and dilapidated sight or what?

If you are not sure where I am talking about, it is the vicinity of the bus stop opposite the NDP Democrat house.

Most of the time I drive myself, but on my granddaughter’s birthday, I decided to walk around the area where she goes to school. “WHAT THE H”, what is happening here? The river is like a dumping ground. There is garbage everywhere.

I would like to draw to somebody’s attention, anybody, to the main town of this country we are living in; it is like we love to be ill.

We have finally approached the New Year. Let’s make a change for our children’s health. Let the people do what they are supposed to and stop blaming the government; they have their work to do also.

They give you a job for God’s sake; do it “nah” man. Managers and supervisors of sanitation workers, please do what is expected.

Please don’t wait until you are dismissed then cry fowl. Do what you are getting paid for!!!

B. Ollivierre