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December 30, 2009

Progress over backwardness


Editor: In the December 18 Dominica General elections, Prime Minister Skerritt and his Dominica Labour Party raced home to victory, trouncing the UWP (3 seats) and Dominica Freedom Party (0 seats) 18 seats to 3 seats. Both opposition party leaders lost their seats.{{more}}

So while Son Mitchell – who received an honour from Cuba – continues to scare Vincentian voters into thinking that “Communism taking over” under Dr. Ralph Gonsalves because of his progressive foreign policy and ties with countries like Cuba, Venezuela, etc., Dominicans see that type of scaremongering as dotishness and intellectual dishonesty on the part of Son Mitchell, Eustace, Leacock and the rest of the NDP.

Dominicans continue to embrace Prime Minister Skerritt and his Labour government. Dominicans continue to choose progress over backwardness. Dominicans value the benefits of their country’s participation in the ALBA, PetroCaribe Agreement, Vision Now Eye Programme, as well as the other developmental assistance realised from their close relationship with countries like Cuba and Venezuela.

Wake up, Vincentians!!! Communism died a long time ago. Comrade CANNOT resurrect it.

Cde. T. Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.