Our Readers' Opinions
December 30, 2009

Education Incompetence


Editor: The education revolution will take some time to have any effect, it is argued, but the bad policies pursued in the Ministry Education will nullify all of that because we know one from one leaves zero.{{more}}

The poor selection and recruitment strategy by the Permanent Secretary and former Chief Education Officer will impact negatively in the future. The promotion and appointment of people based on party affiliation, friendship, speaking good English, class, and those who show deference to their authority will put the revolution in reverse.

The poor use of human resource and lack of proper manpower planning are having its effect on the Ministry of Education.

Everything seems to be collapsing in the process. The planning unit created by Mr Vanloo has virtually disappeared. The Curriculum Unit is not far behind. The vast majority of the personnel was sent back to schools last year. However, those who remain in the unit supervise teachers in the classroom, yet still they are at Grade 7, while the graduate teacher is at Grade 9.

Special thanks must be given to the person in charge of the education projects whose brilliant management covers up the weakness of those others who seem to have the ear of the Prime Minister, to his own detriment.

Jane Swabe