Our Readers' Opinions
December 23, 2009

SVG must Keep Nine Mornings festival alive


Editor: No one can deny that the Nine Mornings activities have recaptured the interest of Vincentians and are attracting more and more local people. So we must pay attention to the package.{{more}}

There is also a claim that more people are coming home, visitors, too, for Nine Mornings, than for Carnival.

Special thanks and appreciation must be given to all those who have kept Nine Mornings alive, but there is need for improving the package in terms of presentations and location of this special Christmas Festival: (1) the stage must be given more beautification; (2) a manger should be put in the area in front of the Blue Caribbean Building

I grew up meeting there barred up. Fifteen days cannot be too much of an inconvenience for Christ.

The Ministries of Tourism and Culture must be more fully involved in the planning of Nine Mornings and make use of all possible channels and equipment, including video recording, to promote the event. A big screen should be put up before the festival, showing all the activities that will be held to inform and attract the tourists and returning Vincentians.

The Ministry of Culture should be responsible for mobilizing the performers from a wide cross section of creative disciplines, including dance, drumming, poetry, pan and other musical instruments, and speech making.

Professional groups should also be included to make all those who are present get into the Christmas Spirit!

Bro. Kayan