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December 18, 2009
Wrong is wrong, no matter which side you support


Editor: Each week I make it a routine to read all three weekly papers published in this country. I take the time to read the columnists who write their weekly opinion in the papers. I find some to be balanced and others to be outright partial to their particular political leaning.{{more}}

I read a column in one of last week’s papers in which the columnist found that the bank worker, who it is alleged broke the bank’s confidentiality clause by passing on information that the Leader of the Opposition used prior to the referendum to show “questionable” bank transactions by persons aligned to the government’s side, is seen as a scapegoat. He found nothing wrong with the breach of the banking regulations by the worker. I suspect it would have been wrong for him if it had happened ten years ago. I believe newspaper columnists must be careful to stand for principle. If this could happen to these persons, his banking information could be compromised, too. Would it be wrong then? As we say locally, “wrong is wrong.” It should not matter what one’s politics is.

In another of last week’s papers, a columnist went to town on the involvement of members of the clergy in politics, and in particular the referendum. He also cited names of members of the clergy who were clearly biased towards the government in the referendum. Also, he mentioned a few others who were impartial regarding the referendum. However, the columnist did not find it wrong that Anesia Baptiste, who is a member of the Thusia SDA church, was on the VOTE NO campaign. He described her as “a find.” It is wrong for Rev Job, Johnny Jones etc to be involved with the ULP but not for Mrs Baptiste to be involved with the VOTE NO campaign. I believe that the involvement of the clergy, in open support of a political party, can do irreparable damage to the church. They should all desist from it. But you are “a find”, depending on what side of the political divide you are on, and wrong, depending on what colour you support. Where are the principles of this columnist?

In a different column, the columnist, who is more balanced in his writings, mentioned that a group of NDP supporters mobbed Mr. Boyea on November 26th outside Ace store. I did not hear other columnists mention anything about this. I read in a number of columns about the attitude of persons who criticised others for voting NO. I am surprised that these columnists did not mention the mobbing of Mr Boyea. Where are the principles of these columnists who put themselves up as paragons of virtue?

I enjoy reading the weekly columns in the various newspapers. I read to see the stand of columnists and how far they go in supporting their political side. Some seem to abandon principles in their quest to tear down the government. I await their columns when the government is changed because I know some of the same things that they find wrong now will happen with a change of government. How will they write then? This I await with bated breath.

An Avid Newspaper Reader