Our Readers' Opinions
December 18, 2009

Let us go back to the drawing board


Editor: I have tried to assess the general state of affairs in this country and can only come to one conclusion. In my opinion, we are pointing forward but we are going backwards. I do not know if someone is deliberately pulling us back or someone is pushing us backwards. On the other hand, we may be in neutral and are rolling back simply because we are on a slope.{{more}} Those who may be pulling us back have to be behind us in order to pull, while those who are pushing us back have to be in front of us in order to do so. In any case we have to gather momentum to overcome these forces.

These are challenging times for each and every one of us, but we must remain strong and of good courage. In the best of times we are all happy and together, but in times of difficulty, we tend to argue and even fight. It is very easy to blame others for our failure, but it is usually best to do an objective assessment of ourselves. Of course, this would be difficult, in light of the fact that you are assessing yourself.

I usually feel disappointed when there is mention of the word victimization, whether it is true or not. I tend to feel that we are slipping backwards, because I feel that each is entitled to his or her opinion. This is the time to bind ourselves together and brace ourselves for the difficulties that lie ahead. Let this be a new era where we cherish the thoughts and feel the pain of each other. Let us go back to the drawing board and come up with suitable plans for our development. No individual has all the solutions to our problems, so we should not pretend to be listening, but our minds have already been made up otherwise. The voice of the people is the voice of God.