Our Readers' Opinions
December 11, 2009
Stop listening to people who are telling you what you want to hear


Editor: I read the proposed constitution, 90% of the content is good for St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Where I think the ULP, the PM, CRC and the Vote Yes Committee went wrong is where persons like Elson Crick, OB Browne, Sehon Marshall, Anthony Dennie, Noel Jackson, Senator Caesar and Cecil Ryan spoke and tried to convince persons to vote YES and they all failed and had no voice of influence, they did a poor job.{{more}}

I hope the Prime Minister sees right through that they have nothing to offer. These messengers only think about themselves being on the receiving end. Prime Minister, Parnel Campbell QC, Jomo Thomas, Maff Russel and Sir Vincent tried their best. Why I’m saying this is because they stuck to the content offered in the proposed constitution. P.R. Campbell did say there are some aspects of the Bill he did not support. that’s where Mrs. Anescia Richards Baptiste came out put forward her points forcefully.

Let me remind you she spoke with some authority because she understood the Bill and she used the issue of lands and its compensation, too much privilege for parliamentarians and its weakness which did surface in the Bill. She was very influential, not like some persons who appeared on the Vote Yes platform. I don’t think they did enough to educate us. that’s where the blame should go.

Did persons vote on constitution? NO! It was about politics. It was about sending a message to the Prime Minister. Most of the ULP parliamentarians did not show any interest. The only exception is Dr. Thompson. Let me quote Senator Leacock: “The proposed constitution is a significant advancement.” These words were said by one who speaks with authority for the New Democratic Party, but yet the constitution bill failed. This country has lost big. Who should we blame? Persons like Dr. Fraser, Jomo Thomas, Dr. Kenneth John and Renwick Rose wrote with some impartiality, yet the constitution fail.

It appears that we are not reading or as Parnell Campbell said we have to be of legal mind to understand this kind of Bill. But I want to let PR know that Vincentians are better off because of this process. that’s why I don’t agree with our Prime Minister to put Constitutional Reform on the back burner. I know the Prime Minister is hurt because Vincentians refused his gift that he promised us. But Prime Minister, remember the people have the power and they demonstrated their power. So take notice Prime Minister and stop listening to who is telling you what you want to hear and not what you should be hearing or you will pay the political price next election. Get rid of them. Ask Mr. Bonadie. I told him to let you know.

Kingsley DeFreitas