Our Readers' Opinions
November 20, 2009

Behold the real extremist


Editor: I write in defense of the good name of the Thusian Institute for Religious Liberty Inc. of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We are a registered non-governmental organization within SVG with a well established website (www.firstfreedomthink.com) which clearly explains our mission and works. This institute is not a church but is a social arm of the Thusia Seventh-day Sabbath Adventist Church, some of whose members constitute the Thusian Institute today.{{more}} The implications of the contents of the piece “Democracy or budding theocracy” published by “Jack” in Friday, 13th November, 2009’s edition of your paper, are very misleading and pregnant with a spirit that if imbibed will lead to intolerant displays towards minority and unpopular religious and other groups.

I start by asking and answering two (2) fundamental questions. If a member of a political party, who also belongs to a religion, speaks, does that constitute his religion ruling the people or government? Certainly Not! If the Prime minister has a religion and he is ruling politically, does that mean his religion is ruling the Country? Certainly not!! Thusia as a religion stands for the gospel of Christ for Salvation, bringing obedience to God’s law. This is respect for the rights and freedoms of humanity. Ecclesiastes 12:13,14. Thusia as a religious liberty institute stands for religious rights and freedoms of every member of society. This is not the religion ruling the people. This is not a theocracy. When ignorant persons such as pastors do not know what a theocracy is, it is libel against God to assume that it is a theocracy that is being set up.

Democracy is a political method of putting a government into power and governance. Republicanism is a political relationship of respect for rights and freedoms of all people. Rights and freedoms come from God. Pastors ought to know this and to stand for what is right. Also, when a church stands for what is right as campaigned by any political party does not amount to the church ruling the Country. It is merely the church standing for republican values.

Extremism makes something to be what it is not, in order to create fear in people and cause them not to think rationally and consider the real facts. Jack’s statement is extremist because this is what he is doing. Characterizations by Jack of Thusia advocate that we should not be a part of the political process of democracy and freedom of expression as the other religions in the Country. This is clear evidence that if the essence of his thoughts is followed, persecution would come from government against one religious group in society. This would mean that equality for all under God is not recognized by Jack’s statement. THAT IS THE EXTREMIST!! The statements made against us is the voice of the dragon that denies Jesus Christ his rights and freedoms (see Mathew 4 temptation account) but it is now applied to Thusia in an effort to deny us of our rights and freedoms.

Anesia O. Baptiste