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November 13, 2009
I am disappointed with recent Education picks


EDITOR: I have been a teacher in this country for over 30 years, and have worked through different Government and have seen many changes in the education system, but none as ridiculous as the most recent appointments to the posts of Chief and Deputy Chief Education Officer.{{more}}

The circular from the Ministry of Education to schools informed that the post of Chief Education Officer will be filled by a person who acted as Local Registrar, and that of Deputy Chief Education Officer will be filled by an Education Officer 2. This is Ludicrous! These Officers have been promoted three and four grades upwards, over many more qualified persons.

One basic rule of management speaks to “looking inside first” to effect promotions.

What message do these appointments convey? That all persons between these grades are unsuitable to fill the posts? Is this fair and just? One thing is sure there are many disgruntled workers trying to perform their duties as usual.

One can only conclude that there is a mastermind behind these moves, person or persons with their own objective, and it certainly is not in the best interest of Education.

It is the first time that all 100% of my staff members agree on a national issue. They all expressed shock, dissatisfaction, with the appointments.

A Dedicated Teacher