Our Readers' Opinions
October 23, 2009
Celebrating Independence


Editor: As we celebrate 30 years of independence we must let this be a time of reflection. We must compare ourselves to those ahead of us and not those behind. This would remind us that there is still a lot of work to be done. Our hours of hard work would bring years of success.{{more}}

We can reflect on our personal achievement, but the real question is, what have we achieved as a nation? Have the difficult times brought us together as a people or have they made us more selfish?

No country can be great unless the people are great. Similarly, no country can be independent unless the people are independent minded. The vision of the country should be the vision of all. We are always quick to remind ourselves that we are a small nation but I am usually quick to remind that we are not just small but also small minded. Despite our size we must think big. We must carry that vision of greatness wherever we go.

Let us not offer ourselves for service at the highest level because of anticipated personal gains but out of the love for mankind. We must see every unsuccessful person as a lost to our nation and not an opportunity to claim personal success when we compare ourselves to them.

The two most divisive elements of our society are politics and religion. I am sure that we have one of the highest per capita number of churches in the world, yet they keep our people divided rather than united. There are too many denominations and every day someone wants to start a new church. Let us focus on the spiritual development of our people. We need to get our young people focused on their inner well-being. We need to develop Spiritual Development Centres void of any denominational bias.

As for our politicians they owe us it to our to our people to be honest. It is often said that persons do no like to hear the truth but it is the truth that would set you free.

Let us work to build a great nation. Let us seek to find the good in others instead of seeking a name for ourselves.