Our Readers' Opinions
October 16, 2009

by Frank B. Branch 16.OCT.09

1. Vote “Yes” for the Constitution, for on it your future depends,
    Tis the best gift you can give your loved ones, neighbours and friends;
    There’s nothing to lose, but everything to gain, you cannot afford to vote “No” or to abstain.{{more}}

2. Vote “Yes” for the Constitution, your conscience bids you so,
     There’s naught in it to harm you, read it and you will know that
     all your rights and freedoms are safe and well assured;
     You can trust it without reservations, each section, each line, each word.

3. Vote “Yes” for the Constitution; be patriotic, honest and true,
    Your country needs your support and to her your love is due;
    Let no one put a stumbling block that may cause you to fail to perform
    your civic duty; let common sense prevail.

4. Vote “Yes” for the Constitution; be part of your history,
    Join with all the clear thinking folks and chart your destiny;
   Cast aside your fears and doubts, and for God and country be strong;
   You can only go forward, you will never go wrong.

5. Vote “Yes” for the Constitution, follow not those who the country hate,
    This is your moment of decision, do not procrastinate;
     To vote “No” will be a shame and terrible disgrace;
     Be wise; be steadfast, for this opportunity you must embrace.

6. Vote “Yes” for the Constitution; let us break the shackles that bind,
    We must keep moving forward, never looking behind;
    United in our resolve in trusting God to bless;
    Vote “Yes” for the Constitution, we can do nothing less.