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July 3, 2009
Where will NDP find this money in these times?


Editor: The beating of drums by the Leadership of the New Democratic Party is tantamount to nothing, where Politics in St Vincent and the Grenadines is concerned.{{more}}

They write a lot of nonsense and speak about the Spirit and Redemption Charter as one of their main planks and the removal of VAT from food items as a major priority.

The simple question that I ask the Leader of the Opposition, is where is he going to find money in this global economic melt down to uplift this economy?

Is an International Airport necessary to St. Vincent and the Grenadines? Or is he willing to continue with LIAT as it is presently which gives passengers 50lbs and the passenger has fork out the balance if he/she needs to bring any other things on that flight? What about the proposed hub that he is talking about by upgrading the Canouan Airport? What difference is it going to make with the current dispensation of Liat? Is the weight going to change because of Canouan? These are some of the questions that I will like him to address.

When you really examine the NDP for over seventeen (17) years, Sir James had his headquarters and yet during this period, the blind and backward leadership had to be in and out the house of Doggie DeFreitas of Nice Radio. They must toe his line, otherwise they would not be able to enter his residence, and every one of them who is associated with that radio station must sing from the same song sheet. The minute that anyone steps out of line, the boot is what they will get. Ask Frank DaSilva.

So what type of Leadership is this when you cannot set up your own radio station in your own building? Is it a Government you could run? Any price Nice Radio calls for, you simply have to comply because you simply have no choice but to pay. This man is really laughing at you guys because you are not ready as yet. I am sure everyone needs an Airport that can bring hundreds of visitors to our shores. Look, we are into the Carnival season and you will see and hear of the disgruntled visitors due to the limited capacity of Liat. Despite this, your response is that you don’t know how it is funded so you can’t continue. What do you want the Prime Minister to do? Bring money and then you count it?

Look Star FM has its own home in so short a time. Do you really think that character assassination of the Prime Minister can win an election? Could you imagine that NDP supporters have not seen the document on constitution reform? Despite this, the NDP Leadership says vote ‘No’. Has he educated the average supporter? In the same breath, his PRO says: “Wha, no way no how, we voting No.” Well, is this leadership or is it rant and wave Carnival style?

In the interest of time, Matthew Thomas and Junior Bacchus will have to spend another five years talking about the Prime Minister. I wonder what they would tell the Lord about what they have done with their lives of hatred, malice, bring -down mentality and wickedness.

Even the NDP supporters must be convinced that Leacock, Cummings, Hull, Burton who was under Sir James wing and the young upstart Frederick are not ready for this time.

Lancelot Farrell