Our Readers' Opinions
June 26, 2009
Djs – Shut Up and let the music play!


Editor: Many years ago, the band Touch sang a tune called “SHUT UP”. I would like to ask all DJs in St. Vincent to consider that song. Over the last several years, I have noticed that DJs in this country have developed a love of their own voices.{{more}} As a result, it is nearly impossible to listen to any radio station in this country and listen to a complete song. Then we go to the fetes and it gets worse. I went to Wet Fete a few weeks ago and I did not hear one song without someone talking (or is it screaming?), except when Jude came on. Did one single person pay one single dollar to hear a DJ talk? I doubt it.

I have been fortunate to travel all over the world and listen to radio stations and go to fetes. There is no other place I have been to (and I have not been to Jamaica recently) that has this problem. I am aware that some would justify this as “hyping” the music. If the music needs hyping, it is not good enough to play. So, Mr DJ, how about it? SHUT UP.

On another note, the big J’ouvert bands (such as RJR and the Brewery) seem not to come on the road until 6 in the morning. J’ouvert is supposed to be held in the early hours of the morning. It should start at 4am (or preferably 3am) and be finished by 7.30am. The big bands don’t come on the road because people who have not paid invade the bands. So how about CDC volunteering to put two music trucks and four steel bands on the road at 4am to give the non-paying public some entertainment and fun? This will take the pressure off the other bands and increase the fun.

Stephen Joachim